The Mad Devil

This is a pic of a puppy named Loki that I gave to JMS.  He passed away May 3, 2008.  He was a monster and a protector, and he will be sorely missed.

Butch enjoying a run after the rain at the farm.  Butch passed away September 2008 after a long fight with hepatitis.  She has her own page from the front page for the moment.

Jewel enjoying a run after the rain at the farm.  Jewel passed away in February 2005.  I only had her about five years, but she was one of the sweetest Dobermans I have known.

Nicholas was my sister's dog for many years until her children came along and he retired to be the senior statesman at the farm.  He passed away April 22, 2008 at the ripe age of 17.

Here are Butch and Knuckles swimming in the Mianus river, Stamford CT March 2007. 

  My mom's current dog: Cary.  Taken around Xmas 07 at the farm.

Butch had a liver biopsy in the beginning of 2008.  Here you can see where they shaved her legs for the IV. 

Butch enjoying a hot dog bun in NC

Butch in one of her first snowfalls in NC

Butch on futon in apartment in CT

Butch and Knuckles frolicking the snow at Hollyridge.  I believe this to be in the Feb 2005 period given how much like a puppy Knuckles looks.

Knuckles, I can haz a stik.  Mianus March 2007

More Knuckles in Mianus March 2007

Knuckles back in NC sometime in 2007.

Here are the pups on the bed in NC in early 2007.

August 2006.  Mianus River.  Rain and demon dogs.

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